Custom Software is Now Affordable with a FLAT FEE Plan!

So here’s what you get with any FLAT FEE Plan

Workflow Analysis
We’ll get you organized and ready for the switch to your new automated system.
Software Development
We’ll develop custom software specifically for you to automate your unique business.<br /> Upgrades and Maintenance included.
App Hosting
We’ll host your new app for you. Team enabled, mobile friendly, online 24/7/365.

NO upfront fees and NO hidden charges.


No project is complete without comprehensive documentation. Some of the best user and technical guides that I’ve seen are produced by Hewlett Packard. I use their standards as a guide when producing documentation for my projects.

Zero Downtime Guarantee

Once we’ve got your system up and running, it will keep running. Major maintenance and upgrades will be scheduled around your down times to avoid disruption in your business.

Ready in Days, not Months
So, how do we do it? I’ve been at this for a very long time. I have great tools to work with, a lot of experience, and a large code library.
Maintenance and Upgrades Included
Routine maintenance, bug fixes, and upgrades are all included under the Flat Fee Project Plan.

My Tools

I use PHP, Javascript, and MySQL for all my projects. These are industry standard tools used by millions of companies around the world.


I use Linux Apache on Google Compute Engine to host all of my apps. There is no hosting platform that’s faster, more reliable, or more secure. Automated offline data backup every day.

My Qualifications

Above all, I’m a problem solver and an organizer.

I’m an Engineering Technologist by profession. In 1982 I was working for a very large Canadian company doing industrial engineering and developing software for automated test systems.

In 1987 I left that company to start my own computer integration business. I installed some of the first PC networks and developed a ton of software using Visual Basic, dBase, and Clipper. Thirty years later I’m still doing the same things, just using different tools.